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Photograph by Natalia Sarkissian

Saving the Stones, One ‘Stately Pile’ at a Time

“Under the shadow of a stately Pile,
The dome of Florence, pensive and alone,
Nor giving heed to aught that passed the while,
I stood, and gazed upon a marble stone,
The laurelled Dante’s favourite seat. A throne.”

– William Wordsworth, Memorials of a Tour in Italy, 1837

“Italy’s ancient monuments and cultural heritage are crumbling. Venice is sinking, the famed Duomo in Florence is cracked and flaking, and Norman-era churches in Sicily have been boarded up.” – Newsweek

“Despite Rome’s reputation as The Eternal City, many of its most famous landmarks, from the Colosseum to its famous Forum, are in desperate need of repair.” – The Smithsonian

At Artfuel, we began pondering how American donors might better assist urgent needs for repair and restoration of significant historic sites and buildings in Tuscany. Carolyn M. Appleton contacted her longtime friends living and working in Milan, Natalia Sarkissian and Mauro Bartalini.

Natalia and Carolyn have abiding interests in history, historic sites and historic preservation, and Natalia’s specific area of expertise is Italian art and art history. Natalia is a scholar, writer, teacher and she runs a company focused on high end clientele called, Prompt Excursions. Carolyn has more than thirty years of experience raising significant donations for worthy projects across Texas.

Mauro Bartalini is an Italian by birth. He has held positions of increasing responsibility that have culminated in key management assignments, including project management in the ICT market, for multinationals in different parts of the world.

Donor Confidence Funding Projects Abroad

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy.” – Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901)

Philanthropists with strong interests in supporting historic preservation and conservation projects abroad, those who also have a substantial capacity to make a difference, often have two key concerns.

First, American donors want to know that budgeting for significant projects is solidly based, and that timelines for implementation and completion are followed. Second, they want to know the money they contribute is managed securely and wisely, and awarded at the proper time to the responsible agent(s) abroad.

Artfuel ably addresses these issues.

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