Welcome to Artfuel

Artfuel is a bi-national effort that seeks to encourage donations in support of urgent historic preservation needs. Our focus will be on projects in the Tuscany region of Italy, with Siena being our starting point.

“Italy boasts more Unesco world heritage sites than any other country; a fact that brings huge national pride, but also a burden. Years of short-lived governments, corruption scandals and bureaucratic hold-ups have all contributed to the neglect affecting its famous museums and historic sites.”

Rosie Schammel for The Guardian,

“Saving Italy’s cultural heritage by modern means” (2015)

Artfuel hopes to be one of those “modern” ways of helping Italy preserve and protect its rich cultural heritage.

Artfuel has been conducting research in 2018 regarding funding partners, and from the donation standpoint, we would like to work with a donor designated fund based at the Communities Foundation of Texas, which is based in Dallas. The Foundation is one of the largest in the nation and it has an excellent reputation. It is also true that Dallas and Fort Worth are well known for their sophisticated cultural collecting and philanthropy, and that makes North Texas a comfortable home for Artfuel.

Seasoned, on-the-ground Artfuel partners based in Milan will help ensure timelines are followed and donor inquiries are responded to in a timely fashion. Private behind the scenes tours will be arranged onsite as needed. American fundraising will be organized and overseen by an experienced major gift professional. The highest ethical fundraising standards will be maintained, and regular report to investors/donors will be provided. For more about how we intend to operate, follow this link.

Artfuel is a new venture. Please sign up to receive email updates! We will keep you informed as Artfuel progresses.

Thank you for your interest in Artfuel.

Carolyn M. Appleton, Natalia Sarkissian and Mauro Bartalini