Artfuel | Ethical Fundraising

Artfuel abides by ethical fundraising practices as outlined by the National Council on Nonprofits regarding accountability, honoring donor intent, acknowledging donations, transparency and more.

In addition, Artfuel will not engage in percentage based fundraising. This includes: 1) any compensation that is based on a percentage (sometimes referred to as a commission) of contributions raised; 2) a finder’s fee, or a fee paid for bringing a donor to a not-for-profit organization for the purpose of charitable solicitation; and 3) a bonus, or a form of compensation based on performance (but not on a percentage of contributions raised) that is paid as an incentive to performance in addition to a salary or fee.

From the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP):

“The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) believes that individuals serving a charity for compensation must accept the principle that charitable purpose, not self-gain, is paramount.  If this principle is violated and percentage-based compensation is accepted:

  • charitable mission can become secondary to self-gain;
  • donor trust can be unalterably damaged;
  • there is incentive for self-dealing to prevail over donors’ best interests.

In addition, percentage-based compensation, however administered, can produce reward without merit.

AFP holds that percentage based compensation can encourage abuses, imperils the integrity of the voluntary sector, and undermines the very philanthropic values on which the voluntary sector is based.  AFP stands firm with its Standards which prohibits members from working for percentage-based compensation or accepting finder’s fees.”

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