Artfuel | How We Will Do It

Fund Management

Artfuel’s team is working to identify prospective donors. Charitable donations will be placed in a Designated Fund at the Communities Foundation of Texas. Once the fundraising goal for each project is attained, funds will be conveyed directly to the Art Ministry, Tuscany Branch (without intermediaries).  We anticipate 12 to 24 months for each fundraising campaign, and will certainly welcome a shorter timeline, if possible.

After our work on the first phase of Artfuel is complete, we anticipate moving forward with additional projects in a similar fashion. In the case of each campaign, if we raise more than the goal outlined, those funds will be kept by the Communities Foundation of Texas and conveyed to the Art Ministry, Tuscany Branch. If we move to a new region of Italy or to another country, a separate Designated Fund at the Communities Foundation will be established and managed as noted above.

The cost involved for those working to fundraise and manage Artfuel while each campaign is ongoing has been outlined in a separate budget. Funds raised for that specific purpose will be kept separately and monitored carefully by our fiscal sponsor (that partner is now being sought).

If you would like to partner with us and help defray our working expenses, please let us know by using the secure contact form(s) on this website. All work done to date has been accomplished on a volunteer basis, free of charge as a public service.


Mauro has extensive hands-on experience with budgeting and following through on construction timelines. Being an Italian and based in Milan for many years, he is well-versed in the culture and the needs we will be addressing. Mauro is an ideal representative for our work “on the ground” in Italy. Mauro will define a donation budget working with the museums where he and Natalia have contacts. He will work with museums on the specific project/projects needing funding, and will help prepare the relevant marketing information. In terms of reporting, Mauro will use a project management approach for reporting, one that involves stakeholder identification, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), timing table, deviations, eventual remedies, acceptance criteria, inspections, intermediate payments, final payment, and the closing of the project.

Donor Communications and Stewardship

Natalia’s experience teaching and leading tours for high net worth clientele will be invaluable to our project. We envision on-site and “virtual” (video conferencing) tours, photographic updates and meetings throughout, and after projects have been successfully completed. Regular reports and “insider” updates will make donor involvement in our project even more enjoyable. We envision high level care and responsiveness to each project contributor. Occasional private gatherings will be organized in the United States, and video conferencing will be made available to those unable to attend in person.

Donor confidence in how donations are spent abroad will be ably addressed through Artfuel. In the end, the rich cultural heritage of Italy will benefit, and for all future generations.